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Success in getting, keeping, and advancing in a job depends 85 percent on soft or “people” skills; and 15 percent on technical knowledge and skills, according to three separate studies by Harvard University, the Carnegie Institute, and the Stanford Institute.

Do your executives possess the polished soft skills and business etiquette knowledge to best represent your company in today’s global business arena?

In today’s competitive global arena, knowing the rules of proper business etiquette and protocol is essential.  If the necessary protocol is overlooked or misunderstood, a misstep may jeopardize business relationships.

The personal and professional demands placed on business executives today surpass any experienced in the past. It is crucial to know how to make the best credible first impressions and effectively manage relationships across cultures. The savvy executive must be able to explore new markets, develop opportunities worldwide, and master the techniques necessary to be the “best-in-business” in his or her industry.

THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOOL OF NEW YORK endeavors to be a partner for our client’s organization, its management team, mission, and corporate culture in equipping its executive talent with the all-important business protocol knowledge and soft skills required for success in today’s global arena. We have partenered with multinational clients in the financial services, accounting, pharmaceutical,  hospitality, and retailing, real estate, and manufacturing industries. Past and current clients include Viacom, Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP, Arthur J. Gallagher & Co., China Construction America, IBM, HSBC, Cartier, the Lowell Hotel, NYSE, MazurWeisers, Deloitte, Microexcel, Bank of Tokyo, Argo Group, Cole Schotz, EXTELL, and numerous others. 

We invite you to schedule one or all of the following “Best-in-Business” corporate etiquette and international protocol seminars.

Corporate Seminars

I. Best-in-Business: Corporate Etiquette

Topics include: Benefits of etiquette and protocol intelligence; importance of making powerful first and lasting impressions; professional appearance, polish, and types of business attire defined; how to distinguish yourself from the competition with your presence power points; communicating a verbal and non-verbal executive presence; protocol for business and social introductions; handshaking; how to make an entrance and work the room at social business functions; rememberingnames; business card protocol; electronic communications; formal business meeting protocol; small talk at the office; and professional business office decorum.

II. Dine Like a Diplomat: The Art of the Business Meal

Topics include: How to make a great impression at the table;business entertaining; receiving lines; host and guest duties; toasting; styles of eating; silverware savvy; American and Continental styles of eating; hands-on dining tutorial; conversation at the table; eating various foods; dining dos and don’ts; and world-class dos and don’ts; and business meal faux pas.

III. How to Succeed in the Global Arena

Topics include: Broaden your global awareness; the benefits of etiquette and protocol intelligence; master the first meeting; first impressions and appropriate business attire; business customs and terminology; electronic communications; importance of rank and status; business card protocol; world class handshakes; how to project cultural awareness; global conversation skills, and more.

IV. First Impressions are Lasting: Suit-Up for Success

Topics include: Impression management: your business wardrobe; importance of making positive first and lasting impressions; image through dress; how to package yourself like a leader; a polished appearance opens doors; workplace grooming musts for a professional image; personal coloring and color in business; how to dress for your body type; the five dress code levels of business attire; wardrobe tips for women; wardrobe tips for men; importance of quality briefcases and writing instruments; fragrance and accessories management; smart dressing for professional women; and smart dressing for professional men.

V. How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room at Networking Events

The topics included in this dynamic one-hour seminar are: How to make an entrance and work the room; how to introduce yourself and others; how to shake hands with confidence; how to start a conversation, keep it going, and graciously exit it; acceptable and unacceptable conversation topics; how to project a positive image and make a good impression with appropriate attire and your presence power points; how to gracefully handle your food and beverages while shaking hands; the protocol for exchanging business cards; the importance of RSVPs, thank-you notes and follow-up after the event.

VI. Half-Day Impression Management: Polish Your Professional Image

The topics included in this half-day professional development seminar are: First impressions are lasting; soft skills trump technical skills; how to present a polished, powerful presence; workplace appearance and grooming musts;  formal business versus business casual attire; how to project executive level presence with positive body language; negative body language signals that undermine your credibility; how to create a positive and professional vocal image; global greetings and handshakes; introducing yourself and others; how to make small talk, initiate, and graciously exit conversations; appropriate and inappropriate conversation topics; how to make an entrance and work the room at networking events; formal business meeting protocol; professional office etiquette and decorum in the workplace; social media dos and don’ts; techno-etiquette; and thank-you notes.

Custom On-Site Briefings and Seminars: Customized solutions are available for corporations who desire a higher level of business etiquette intelligence. Schedule one seminar, or schedule several seminars for a full day of invaluable business etiquette training for the professionals in your organization. Our audiences range from new professionals in the workplace to seasoned executives.

HR Partnerships: Let The Etiquette School of New York partner with your HR department to present customized and coordinated presentations to your corporate employees. We can implement your executive training programs, creating more dynamic and memorable seminars.

NOTE: HR professionals are invited to enroll employees in our open enrollment “Social Success Makeover–Finishing School for Adults” one-day group class that covers social etiquette and business protocol. It is generally offered once a month in New York City.  For additional information regarding the class:



I’d like to thank you again for facilitating this wonderful seminar on Tuesday. The feedback from the team was positive and it created a nice buzz around the hotel. -Corporate Client

Thank you so much again for your teachings. Your teachings will be a huge help to all of our associates in the stores. -Corporate Client

I truly can’t thank you enough for providing your services to our Women’s Conference. The congregants were still buzzing over your presentation. You were not boring a little bit. -Client

It is very exciting to hear the ladies speak so highly of your presentation. I was thrilled to hear even team members who did not attend speak of certain topics they overheard the others discussing. Thank you for coming to our frozen city (Detroit). -Corporate Client

The feedback from the team was fantastic. We appreciate the time you took and the care you gave to our interns. There was much discussion the following day about the learnings and take-aways. - Corporate Client

Your presentation was informative and engaging. I have heard very positive feedback from the executives and managers. A fun time was had by all. -Corporate Client

Erica and I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the incredible seminar you gave on “How to Work the Room at Networking Events.” We had many people come up after and say how helpful they thought the seminar was and that we should host it again for those who were not able to come to the summit. -Corporate Client

Thank you so much for your wonderful and thoughtful seminar yesterday. Everyone on our team appreciated it and had a great experience.-Corporate Client

Our foundation team truly enjoyed their time with you. We all learned new things and from what I hear we all spoke about what we learned over the weekend with friends and family. Thank you again for teaching us so much! -Corporate Client

Thank you so much for a lovely session yesterday. I believe the entire office learned quite a few tips, and had an enjoyable evening too.- Corporate Client

My team cannot stop talking about the two days they spent with you last week. They left your training feeling inspired and having learned many new skills both for work and life. Thank you very much for planning such an engaging workshop for our company.-Corporate Client

 Thank you again for your great, informative training session yesterday. My colleagues and I enjoyed your presentation a lot and learned valuable insights that will enable us to “Outclass the Competition.” – Corporate Client

It was a pleasure having you with us. The group truly enjoyed it and got more out of it than they expected. The individualized coaching was perfect. -Corporate Client

Thank you again for coming to enlighten us and to enjoy and enhance our lovely meal with your tips and suggestions. -Corporate Client

It was a great class. All the students were practicing and talking about it today. They really understood the importance of good manners when you were done. - Corporate Client

I wanted to thank you for bringing Dine Like a Diplomat to our two Cornerstone programs. Both sessions were a huge success and the participants raved about how much they learned and what a treat it was to get such wonderful guidance and instruction.-Corporate Client

Thank you, so much, once again, for all of your incredible work last night. It was one of the favorites of the event, and for good reason.  -Corporate Client

We enjoyed your teachings immensely. I so appreciate the wisdom you were imparting to my staff and your willingness to flex the message given our creative/downtown sensibility. -Corporate Client


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