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Research shows that contemporary workers want sense of connection. A Lunch & Learn workshop is a wonderful way to create a sense of community within your organization; and give you better trained, more motivated employees. At our Lunch & Learn workshops your team members can share an educational, interactive, and fun workshop while they have lunch and build rapport.


Benefits of Lunch & Learn workshops:

  • Build team spirit (People who eat and learn together work better together.)

  • Raise employee morale

  • Create a learning culture within an organization

  • Reinforce the corporate culture

  • Make excellent use of time constraints

  • Compliment training and development programs

  • Group training builds a stronger work culture

  • Improve employee skills

  • Informal setting leads to a low pressure learning environment


Following are The Etiquette School of New York’s Lunch & Learn workshops for you to consider for your organization:


First Impressions

  • First Impressions are Lasting!
  • First Impressions: Visual, Vocal, Verbal
  • The Three Pillars of a Polished and Powerful Presence
  • How to Make a Great Impression at Interviews and Meetings with New Clients
  • Project Executive Level Presence with Positive Body Language
  • Negative Body Language Signals that Undermine Your Credibility 
  • Dress to Impress in Your Chosen Field


Business Etiquette 101

  • Benefits of Etiquette and Protocol Intelligence
  • Professional Presence: Positive Body Language Signals
  • Handshaking: The Ultimate Greeting
  • Self-Introductions and 15-Second Elevator Pitches
  • Protocol for Business Introductions
  • Remembering and Using Names in Conversation
  • Making Small Talk and Polite Conversation
  • Business Card Etiquette


Impression Management: Your Business Wardrobe

  • Maintaining a Professional Image: Appropriate Attire and Grooming
  • Formal Business, Business Casual, and Casual Attire Defined
  • Accessories Speak Volumes
  • Workplace Appearance and Grooming Musts
  • Personal Coloring and Color in Business
  • Dressing for Your Body Type
  • Rules to Dress by for Men
  • Rules to Dress by for Women


Networking 101: How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room

  • Prepare for the Event
  • Appropriate Attire and Grooming
  • Presence Power Points for Making a Strong Entrance
  • How to Work the Room and Mingle like a Pro
  • Your Self-Introduction/Elevator Pitch
  • How to Start and Gracefully Exit Conversations
  • Be a Polished Small-Talker
  • Remembering Names
  • Business Card Protocol
  • Importance of Follow-Up


The Art of Small Talk and Making Polite Conversation

  • Rapport and How to Build It
  • Small Talk Breaks the Ice
  • The Three Levels of a Conversation
  • Six Steps for Being a Polished Small Talker at Events
  • Small Talk at the Office
  • Appropriate and Inappropriate Conversation Topics
  • How to Enter and Graciously Exit Conversations


Professional Business Office Decorum and Meeting Manners: On-Site and Virtual

  • Formal Business Meeting Protocol
  • Virtual Business Meeting Protocol
  • Introducing Clients and VIPs
  • How to Receive Guests and Make them Feel Welcome
  • Professional Business Office Decorum
  • Conflict Resolution at the Office


The Art of the Business Meal

  • Business Entertaining: Host and Guest of Honor Duties
  • Seating Guidelines
  • Table Settings: How to Read Them
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Styles of Eating: American, Continental and Asian
  • Business Meal Faux Pas
  • The Top Dining Dos and Don’ts
  • Toasting Etiquette
  • How to Eat Various Foods


Public Speaking: How to Make Engaging Presentations

  • Mind Mapping: The First Step in Preparation
  • GRABM: Attention-Getters
  • Sizzle Ideas: The Secret to Keeping Your Audience Interested
  • Non-Verbal Body Language Presentation
  • Appearance Guide for Men and Women
  • Voice Checklist
  • Never Say Nervous Again
  • Tips for Speaking to Small or Large Audiences
  • The Golden Triangle of Spectacular Speakers
  • Master Checklist



For additional information or to schedule a Lunch & Learn Workshop for your team, kindly contact us at or call 212-288-5413.


It was such a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from you. We received nothing but positive feedback from your workshop. - Corporate Client

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