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How to Shine at the Holiday Office Party

The Top Dos and Don’ts for the Holiday Office Party DOS:   Dress appropriately. For social business functions with your business associates, it is always better to play it safe and wear a conservative outfit that is not too revealing. Eat a small amount of food for energy before the event Make an entrance. When

How to Be a Perfect Host and Considerate Houseguest this Summer

How to Be a Perfect Host   Do invite guests whom you know fairly well and know will enjoy the kind of weekend that is enjoyable to you. Tell your guests when you would like for them to arrive and leave. Give your guests an idea about what you have planned for the weekend and

10 Business Meal Tips for Polished Entertaining

Today, business is the largest social environment in the world. Our rapidly expanding global economy forces us to socialize and conduct business at the table more than ever before. It is in this setting that table manners play a major role as relationships are developed and strengthened. There is no better, or possibly worse, place

The Power of You: Polished, Poised, and Proper

  The Etiquette School of New York’s Social Success Makeover: Finishing School for Adults is a modern-day finishing school for men and women who want to learn how to make positive first and lasting impressions, feel more comfortable in social and business situations, and polish their personal brands for personal and professional success.   A polished powerful presence

Be My Guest: Put Your Manners to the Test

There is no better or worse place to make an impression than at the table. Will you make a polished impression at the table this holiday season? Or, will you embarrass yourself by not knowing what is considered polite and proper at the table? I recommend you put your manners to the test by answering the

Broadway Theater Etiquette: Guidelines for Proper Decorum

Broadway Theater Etiquette   Another exciting season is beginning on Broadway! Many new plays are opening this spring, including “An American in Paris,”  ”The Audience,” “Gigi,” “Reverberation,” “Abundance,” “The Light Princess,” and many more. For all the details and reviews of the new plays, I recommend “The New York Times.” Going to see a live

Top 10 Business Etiquette Tips for New College Graduates

THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF NEW YORK’S  Top 10 Business Etiquette Tips for New College Graduates   “The greatest danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in settingour aim too low, and reaching it.”     -Michelangelo   It’s that time again! Thousands of young adults will soon be graduating

10 Tips for the Holiday Office Party

1. Prepare for the event. Go with a 15-second self-introduction prepared for the event, and something to say besides what is going on at the office. (Shop talk is boring at a festive affair.) 2. Arrive on time. Strolling in when the party is half over, just as leaving before the party is half over,

How to Make an Entrance and Own the Room: Your Guide to Mingling with Ease and Grace at Social Functions

By Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick   Whether you are attending a social function for purely personal reasons, or a social business function for professional reasons, knowing how to mingle with ease and grace with others is an important life skill. It is also an essential executive skill.   Would you like to feel more comfortable attending social

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