The Etiquette School of New York

Our History

The Etiquette School of New York in Manhattan was founded by Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick ten years ago.  Ms. Napier-Fitzpatrick is an internationally-recognized etiquette expert. She has been featured in Business Week, the Financial Times, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, New York Post, the New York Daily News, Time Out New Yorkam New York, and numerous other publications. She has appeared on CNN, WNBC, WABC, and WCBS; and she has participated in special BBC and NPR radio programs..

Ms. Napier-Fitzpatrick founded The Etiquette School of New York in Manhattan to help foster the ideals of proper etiquette, good manners, and civil behavior. ”We are not free to merely act as we please; but we must act with mutual consideration, as befits our interdependence,” says Dorothea Johnson, founder of The Protocol School of Washington. Although the spirit of etiquette remains the same, the expression of etiquette–the rules of conduct which govern social life and our associations with one another–is forever evolving to adjust to the times.

Good manners are not only indispensable in society, but they have a very practical value in the business world. In today’s global business environment, as well as today’s culturally diverse workplace, individuals who know the rules of business etiquette and international protocol, and are able to handle social situations with poise and grace, are more likely to be successful in their endeavors. Our social and corporate etiquette programs were created to equip our clients with this valuable etiquette and protocol knowledge, and the savvy ”soft” skills  they will need to achieve their goals–both personally and professionally.

Young people who possess good manners and polished social graces are more successful in their relationships with friends, parents and teachers. Our character-building classes were created to build conscious awareness in children in their formative years–making courtesy an instinctive part of their personality. Treating others with kindness, consideration and respect; treating others the way we would like to be treated is a message we stress over and over again in our classes for children and teens.

Our mission is to provide universally-accepted, contemporary etiquette training in the highest professional manner for our clients in the U.S.A. and around the world.

What clients are saying:

We all gained a lot; and we will absolutely keep you in mind for future events.Executive at a Fortune 100 Company

Just wanted to thank you for such a great class. It was a perfect seg-way for these top producers into their new roles within the bank.Executive at International Bank

I just wanted to say a big thank you for your work with John on Saturday. He absolutely loved both workshops and could not stop singing your praises.Girlfriend

Just a note to thank you again for the workshops to help prepare for the wedding. I was able to enjoy it with confidence and ease thanks to your help.“Social Success Makeover” Client

I have acquired a well kept secret in the lives of the fortunate. I think that if every young person had a chance to take your classes, the future would be brighter.College Student

Our daughter came home every Thursday and couldn’t wait to tell us about your class.Parent (After-School Program)

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