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The Art of the Holiday Meal

The Art of the Holiday Meal   It’s that special time of the year when we gather around the table to celebrate Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Using our best table manners and polished social skills will ensure that we will make a good impression and that it will be an enjoyable and pleasant

Polished and Proper for Fall

Polished and Proper for Fall 10 Tips to Help You Polish Your Personal Brand   Be open and confident.When it comes to making the first impression, body language, as well as appearance, speaks louder than words. Make an entrance! Use your body language to project appropriate confidence and self-assurance. Stand tall, smile, make eye contact,

Houseguest Etiquette: Guidelines for Being a Considerate Guest and Thoughtful Host

By Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick Some of my fondest memories of summers past include having houseguests. Perhaps it is because my friends have lovely manners, and my husband and I enjoy making their stays memorable. I do know, however, this is not the experience many have had, or remember about having houseguests, which is why I thought it necessary

10 Tips to Broaden Your Cultural Intelligence and International Protocol Skills

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick  “In a shrinking world with ever increasing competition, Americans are finding they need to know more about other cultures to survive both at home and abroad.”                                                                           - Brooks Peterson, author of ”Cultural Intelligence.”                           By now it should be evident that no nation on earth can thrive in the twenty-first century without being

A Gentleman’s Guide to Being a Polished Host and Gracious Guest this Summer

By Patricia Napier-Fitpzatrick  How to Be a Polished Host Do dress for the occasion. Just because you are entertaining your friends and colleagues  in your home, doesn’t mean you don’t have to change your shirt or put on a fresh pair of shorts or slacks. Let your guests know what the attire will be for

Top 10 Business Etiquette Tips for New College Graduates

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick  The greatest danger for most of us lies not is setting our aim too high and falling short; but is setting our aim too low, and reaching it. – Michelangelo 1. Know the proper protocol for making introductions, and introducing yourself. 2. Shake hands with a firm grip, direct eye contact, and good

Tip -Toeing through the Tulips and Other Breaches of Garden Etiquette

By Ryder S. Ziebarth It’s late spring, and as a lifelong gardener, and currently, the first vice-president and chairman of the Garden History and Design Committee of the Garden Club of Somerset Hills, this time of year, full of beautiful blooms, brings both delight and dread.  From  mid-May to mid-June, when my peonies bowl me

Restaurant Tips to Guarantee Superior Service: 10 Ways to Give and 10 ways to Receive Superior Service in a Restaurant

By: Jennifer Roach  While dining etiquette is often discussed and dissected, restaurant-specific tips are not quite as commonplace, despite the frequency with which business and social entertaining takes place in our society. Rarer still are guides specifically aimed at the service professionals who make up half of this staff/patron arrangement. Here are ten tips each

Formal Business Meeting Protocol

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick For junior staff members, formal business meetings at your office are a great opportunity for you to make a good impression. When you conduct yourself in a professional manner, it will be noticed by your boss and senior management. Then, when the time comes for deciding who should be promoted, and who

10 Tips to Avoid Umbrella Rage

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick It’s another rainy week in New York City, so I thought it might be a good idea to give everyone a gentle reminder of the rules of the sidewalk when carrying an umbrella. 10 Tips to Avoid Umbrella Rage: Carry an umbrella that’s appropriate for your size—one that you can manage. If

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