Mini Charm School

Deportment and Self-Presentation Class for
Girls and Young Women

Our Mini Charm School may be scheduled on a private basis at your convenience, or you are welcome to form a group class. For groups, the classes are well-suited, and include age-appropriate topics, for girls, teens, and young women in the following age groups: 8 to 12 (three-hour class); 13 to 17 and 18 and up (four-hour class).

The girl or young woman who manages to present herself with confidence and poise in her everyday life will be seen as a person who matters, not only to herself, but to others. THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF NEW YORK’s ”Deportment and Self-Presentation Class” will equip girls and young women with the social graces and self-presentation skills that will enable them to feel confident in all of the situations in which they find themselves. It was created to help launch poised, polished, and polite ladies into a successful pattern for life.



THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF NEW YORK’S half-day “Deportment and Self-Presentation Class” for girls and young women covers the following topics:

  • First Impressions and Image

  • Greetings and Introductions

  • Importance of Good Attitude and Positive Body Language

  • Carriage and Posture: How to Exude Poise and Confidence

  • Techniques for a Graceful Walk, and How to Sit and Stand like a Lady

  • How to Make an Entrance and Mingle at Social Events

  • How to Cultivate a Pleasant-Sounding Voice

  • Conversation and Communication Skills

  • How to Write a Proper Thank-You Note

  • Techno-Etiquette and Social Media Dos and Don’ts

  • Personal Style, Grooming, and Dressing Appropriately

  • Skincare and Makeup

  • How to Mingle with Ease and Grace at Social Functions

  • Respect and Courtesy

  • Everyday Civility

  • Dating Etiquette

  • Essential Table Manners

  • Host and Guest Etiquette


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