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Presence, Polish, Decorum, and Style


Would you like to possess the refined social graces, confidence, etiquette and protocol knowledge, presence, and polished appearance that will enable you to achieve your personal and professional goals? If the answer is “yes,” this is the class for you. Register for one of our upcoming group classes, or schedule a private session. Make 2018 your best year ever!

Next One-Day Group Class: Saturday, March 10, 2018


THE ETIQUETTE SCHOOL OF NEW YORK’S SOCIAL SUCCESS MAKEOVER: FINISHING SCHOOL FOR ADULTS program is a modern-day finishing school for men and women who want to learn how to make positive first and lasting impressions, feel more comfortable in social and business situations–both here and abroad– and perfect their personal brands for personal and professional success. Whether you are a recent college graduate, young professional, executive, entrepreneur, or fundraiser, this class will give the tools and knowledge you need to be at your personal best in all of the personal and professional situations in which you find yourself.

Soft skills win friends, dates, and jobs!  With greater job mobility, the growing popularity of the team concept in business, and the greater need to take cultural and generational sensitivities into account in the global marketplace, your soft, or “people” skills are more important than ever; they are key to your professional success. Not only are polished soft skills important in the business world, however; they will also help you to be more successful in your personal life. Knowing how to properly dress and conduct yourself, build rapport with others who are often different than you, being able to engage in small talk in a wide variety of social and professional business settings, having suitable table manners, and being aware of the simple rules of courtesy is essential for success in today’s world. 

Did you know you have less than 30 seconds to make a good first impression? It’s true! The first impression is made in only seconds, and yet that impression may follow you indefinitely. According to Sylvie di Gusto, author of “The Image of Leadership,” you have only 7 seconds to leave an impression, be it a great or a terrible impression.

“You might have the qualifications to be considered for your dream job, but you won’t get far unless you can signal that you’re “leadership material” and that you “have what it takes.”  -Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of “Executive Presence”

The SOCIAL SUCCESS MAKEOVER: FINISHING SCHOOL FOR ADULTS will show you how to make memorable and positive first and lasting impressions wherever you go; and it will equip you with the essential etiquette and protocol knowledge, and refined social graces necessary to polish your personal brand and acquire more confidence in social situations, enabling you to consistently present yourself at your personal and professional best. Our workshops are fun, fast-paced, and highly interactive.

Upon completion of this transforming and empowering program, you will have the confidence, decorum, polish, and social graces necessary to make a great first and lasting impression and be skillfully polished in your interactions with others.

Are you ready to polish your personal brand to achieve your personal and professional goals, and have fun while doing it?


If you are scheduling a private session, you may schedule one, or all of the workshops in the program. The one-day group classes include all five workshops in the program.

The workshops cover the topics noted below, as well as many more:


  • First Impressions: Visual, Vocal, Verbal 
  • Soft Skills Win Friends, Dates, and Jobs
  • The 3 Pillars of a Polished, Powerful Presence
  • Project Confident, Executive Level Body Language
  • Negative Body Language that Undermines Your Credibility
  • How to Create a Professional Vocal Image
  • Global Greetings: Kiss, Bow, or Shake Hands
  • Protocol for Business and Social Introductions
  • Make Memorable Self-Introductions and 15-Second Elevator Pitches
  • Gentlemanly Behavior with a Lady
  • Basic Everyday Out-and-About Civility


  • The Art of Creating Instant Rapport
  • Basic Conversation Principles
  • How to Make Small Talk and Initiate Conversations
  • Gracious Exit Lines
  • Appropriate and Inappropriate Topics of Conversations
  • Networking 101: How to Make an Entrance and Work the Room
  • How to Mingle with Ease and Grace at Social Functions
  • Remembering Names


  • Benefits of Etiquette and Protocol Intelligence in the Business World
  • The Principles of Professionalism
  • 10 Tips for How to Make a Good Impression at Interviews and Meetings with New Clients
  • Distinguish Yourself from the Competition
  • Formal Business Meeting Protocol
  • Professional Business Office Decorum
  • Small Talk at the Office
  • How to Be an Effective Communicator
  • Electronic and Written Communications
  • Social Media Guidelines


  • Impression Management and Personal Branding: Dress to Influence Your Audience 
  • Defining Formal Business, Business Casual, and Casual Attire
  • The Importance of Polish and Maintaining Impeccable Grooming
  • Personal Color and Color in the Business and Social Arenas 
  • Accessories Speak Volumes!
  • Dressing Guidelines for Men 
  • Wardrobe and Style Tips for Women 


  • Make a Great Impression at the Table
  • Look Polished and Professional Entertaining in a Restaurant or at Home
  • Business Entertaining: Host and Guest of Honor Duties
  • Seating Yourself and Your Guests in the Business and Social Arenas
  • Styles of Eating: American, British, Continental, and Asian
  • The Proper Use of Silverware
  • The Dos and Don’ts of Table Manners
  • Wine Tasting and Ordering
  • Toasting Etiquette
  • Business Meal Mistakes
  • Cocktail Party Etiquette 
  • Worldwide Tipping Guidelines



  • All five workshops in the “Social Success Makeover” Program on one day.
  • 100 pages of instructive material
  • 3-Course lunch at formal restaurant
  • Certificate of Attendance


Winter/Spring 2018 Group Class Schedule

Saturday, January 13th

Saturday, March 10th

Wednesday, April 18th 

Saturday, May 19th

Wednesday, June 13th 


Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Location: 477 Madison Avenue

Fee: $750.00


NOTE: Class size limited to 12 participants.

Private Class: Social Success Makeover -One-Day Finishing School

Presence, Polish, Decorum, and Style

  • All four workshops in the “Social Success Makeover” Program
  • 100 pages of instructive material
  • 4-course lunch at Upper East Side restaurant

Fee: $2,500.00

Private group rates available upon request.

Schedule a private session or host a group class:

Our four-session “SOCIAL SUCCESS MAKEOVER–FINISHING SCHOOL FOR ADULTS”– may be booked for private groups in New York City or in your city or country. For more information, call 212-288-5413, or e-mail Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick at



Thank you for the valuable and interesting class you’ve given us today. I believe that the lessons we have learned from you are going to get us all endlessly far in life, privately and professionally. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Class

It was a wonderful experience to meet the diverse group of men and women from across the country. Thank you for creating a safe, warm, and joyful environment to express, grow, learn and connect. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you again for sharing your classic, timeless, valuable and much needed knowledge. It was an excellent and valuable training program I needed personally and professionally. I have already begun applying the skills you taught us, beginning with my interactions with others.         – SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

It was a pleasure attending your class yesterday. I feel more confident now that I have learned the essential skills of business etiquette.-SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you so much for training me in your office. I enjoyed every bit of time learning. I have also recommended to my group CCO to send more people for training. -Private SSM–Finishing School for Adults (CEO) Client

Thank you for providing a great Social Success Makeover class! (Client’s name) actually learned a lot and it had a significant impact on him. He is committed to implementing the tools you gave him and improving himself. -Private SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Yesterday’s class was empowering and eye-opening. It was a pleasure having you as a teacher and being a student in your class. Our group was warm, interesting, and insightful. You’re a great teacher and made learning fun. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

It was a much more enjoyable class than I anticipated. I also liked getting to know the others in the class and practicing small talk and introductions. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

I would highly recommend your school to anyone looking to polish or prepare themselves for the next level. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Just want to thank you for being an excellent educator! Looking forward to being a student for life! -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you for a lovely informative Wednesday. Hoping to put all I learned into action! Looking forward to developing my etiquette skills so much that I can a be raging success in business as well as my personal life. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

I just wanted to follow-up with you after yesterday’s class. I really enjoyed it! I’m really hopeful that I can implement your suggestions, especially during those difficult networking and mingling event, and with more time and practice, I’ll be even more at ease.-SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

I wish to express my sincere gratitude for all the consideration you showed me in yesterday’s Social Success workshop. The course exceeded my expectations and I already consider it to be one of the best investments I have ever made.
SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

It was a great pleasure to meet you and participate in your class. I learned a lot and want to thank-you very much for this wonderful opportunity.-SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you so much for such an educational experience yesterday at the Social Success Makeover workshop. I look forward to incorporating the tips and lessons into my personal and professional endeavors.
SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you for such an enjoyable, comprehensive, and well-organized workshop. Your cheerful and open manner put me at ease, and the information gave me confidence to form new relationships. I will definitely refer friends to your workshops.
SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you for the well-informed class. It helped me brush up on my dining manners, networking skills, and I also learned a great deal about business and personal dressing in accordance with my body type and coloring.   -  SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

I have been putting your sayings into practice whenever I can. I feel much more confident and the conversations are much more fluid. Sometimes the social cross professional rules doesn’t feel so black and white, but it definitely helps to know myself what they are, when the occasion arises. – SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you for the wonderful course on Saturday. I had so much fun and learned invaluable things to become successful in life. I truly appreciate your time and your effort to make the class very informative, interactive and enjoyable. I will treasure for life the memories and knowledge that I acquired during my training with you. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Thank you so much for your class. I will cherish these learnings and they will certainly hold me in good stead in times to come. I look forward to seeing you in India and hope to stay in touch. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

It was so nice to see you yesterday. Thank you for everything, and your lesson was amazing!
SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

I absolutely loved the class on Saturday! The lunch was delicious. Can’t wait to share what I’ve learned with family and friends. I’ve already taught my husband all the dining etiquette when we went to dinner Saturday night. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client

Please accept my thanks for your etiquette class today.  I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your delivery was so engaging that I lost track of all time. -SSM–Finishing School for Adults Client



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