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Ace the School Interview!

Private School/College Interview Tips

By Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick


  • Get plenty of sleep the night before; and eat something before you go to the interview.


  • Dress nicely, neatly, and appropriately for the interview–more formal than you would if you were going to a class at school.


  • Make sure that you are well groomed with clean hair and nails, perfectly pressed clothes, and polished shoes.


  • Be on time!


  • Introduce yourself using your first and last name.


  • Smile when you meet your interviewer.


  • Shake hands with your interviewer,  with a firm handshake and direct eye contact.


  • Do not sit down until you are invited to do so.


  • Sit in your chair with good posture and legs together, not spread apart.


  • Avoid nervous habit taboos, such as playing with your hair or pen in your hand.


  • Listen carefully, making good eye contact; and do not interrupt.


  • Take a clean, perfect copy of your resume.


  • Be prepared to answer questions about yourself and why you would like to attend the school.


  • Be honest, yet polite, about your opinions and experiences.


  • Prepare a list of questions about the particular school you are visiting–it makes you seem more interested in the school.


  • Don’t mumble; speak slowly and clearly.


  • Do not call your interviewer by his or her first name unless invited to do so.


  • Thank your interviewer and shake his or her hand at the end of the interview.


  • Follow-up with a hand-written thank-you note to the person who interviewed you.
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