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Tip -Toeing through the Tulips and Other Breaches of Garden Etiquette

By Ryder S. Ziebarth It’s late spring, and as a lifelong gardener, and currently, the first vice-president and chairman of the Garden History and Design Committee of the Garden Club of Somerset Hills, this time of year, full of beautiful blooms, brings both delight and dread.  From  mid-May to mid-June, when my peonies bowl me

Top 10 Dos and Don’ts of Gym Etiquette

 By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick “I’m one of those strange people: I really love going to the gym.”                                          -Julianne Margulies I must say I agree with Julianne Margulies: I really love going to the gym; and have been an avid gym goer since I moved to Manhattan over twenty years ago. Not only does it make me

Restaurant Tips to Guarantee Superior Service: 10 Ways to Give and 10 ways to Receive Superior Service in a Restaurant

By: Jennifer Roach  While dining etiquette is often discussed and dissected, restaurant-specific tips are not quite as commonplace, despite the frequency with which business and social entertaining takes place in our society. Rarer still are guides specifically aimed at the service professionals who make up half of this staff/patron arrangement. Here are ten tips each

10 Tips to Help You Master the Art of Networking

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick Technical skills and knowledge account for 15 percent of the reason you get a job, keep a job, and advance in a job. Eighty –five percent of your success is connected to your people skills. Based on research conducted by Harvard University, The Carnegie Foundation, and The Standard Research Institute. 1. Arrive

Dining Do’s and Don’ts for Holiday Celebrations

“The Meal is the emblem of society. The most important human relationships are all celebrated with or nourished by the sharing of food. “ -James and Kay Salter, “Life is Meals” It is food that brings together friends and families to celebrate all the special occasions in our life. Following is The Etiquette School of

Is Etiquette Instruction for Children Irrelevant in Today’s Society?

By Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick  “Etiquette provides the knowledge, and gives the confidence to pass the test of life.”     - Elizabeth L. Post Many say etiquette instruction is outdated and has no relevance for today’s children. But is that true? Certainly not. It is true that many of the rules of etiquette from the past are

Business Lunch Faux Pas

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick There is no better or possibly worse place for you to make an impression than at the table.  Are you guilty of making any of these business lunch faux pas? Gaffes at the dining table include: Getting too personal in conversation. Complaining about business colleagues. Finishing others’ sentences. Interrupting the conversation. Using

Make It a Memorable Valentine’s Day

Valentines Day is a nationally-celebrated holiday that many people associate with love, romance and gifts.  According to the National Restaurant Association, seventy million Americans will celebrate their romance at a restaurant. Previous research by the association shows that Valentine’s Day is the second most popular holiday to dine out, after Mother’s Day. When it comes

Top 10 Etiquette Dos for a More Pleasant and Civil New York City

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick  “Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others.”     -Ralph Waldo Emerson Top 10 Dos for a More Pleasant and Civil New York City  1. Do walk on the right side of the sidewalk, keeping to the far right at all times, except when passing. 2. Do let others exit

Top 10 Email Etiquette Dos for the Professional

By: Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick Often the first contact we have now with a potential client or employer is through email. It’s the first opportunity we have to make a good, or conversely, a negative impression.   When you send an email with mistakes it makes the recipient think that you are sloppy and inattentive to details,

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